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How do I become a publisher?
How do I register as a Publisher

Go to the Sign In section and click "Sign Up for Free" at the bottom of the screen. The system asks "Are you a Publisher or a Buyer?" Select Publisher. To get started, register and complete all the information in the Account section.

What do you need to publish?

All you need to publish is a Dpbee and PDF account. Publishers who want to add a mark-up to the price of their Dpbee publication must also have a PayPal account for Dpbee to pay revenue from your sales.

How do I download a publication?

Register your company/publisher on the dpbee platform and complete all sections. Download your Work and we will calculate the cost of printing.

Be careful when selecting the paging method.

Specify the desired profit and generate the final value of your product. Publish your Work in store or in private.

Technical requirements for PDF

PDF size is 8.5 X 11 inches
Minimum of 24 pages, a multiple of 4
Download file - maximum 300 MB
Resolution - 300 dpi
Vertical orientation
Color Profile – sRGB

The first and last pages are the front and back covers of the magazine. A 0.25-inch crop line is provided - place the text at a safe distance. Do not make any rough notes in the file.

Can I choose which pages are available to preview my paid publications?

The publisher at the time of publishing the work can choose how many front pages will be available for the final buyer to view.

Can I publish anything other than a magazine?

You can only publish journals at this time.

Ordering and Checkout
Do I need an account to buy something?

We encourage you to create a DPBEE account prior to placing any orders so that you can view your order status and access tracking information at any time. With that said, we do not require a DPBEE account to purchase print copies, just make sure you include an email address during checkout where we can send your receipt and any updates on your order.

A DPBEE account is required for all digital purchases made on Dpbee.ru, and for saving free digital publications to your personal account. This allows us to store your digital purchases for reading or downloading in the future.

How can I check the status of my order?

If you placed an order when you sign in to the Dpbee website, you can check the status and track your order number on the Orders tab on your Account page. There you will find your electronic library - orders available for download.

If you are not logged in when you place your order, you can find information about the order preparation step in your mail that you specified at the time of purchase.

Attention: printing on demand takes up to 21 working days. In case you have not found your order by track - number, please wait for the dispatch queue.

What payment methods can I use to pay for my order?

On the Dpbee website, you can use a Visa, MasterCard credit card to pay for your order, or you have the option to checkout using PayPal.

Can I cancel my order?

Be careful when placing orders on the Platform since, in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation, printed products are included in the category of goods that are not subject to exchange or return under any circumstances.

Do you have a wholesale discount?

Unfortunately, we do not offer discounts on wholesale orders.

What countries can I send my order to?

At the moment, Dpbee is sending orders of all sizes in Russia. In the future, we will expand the geography of delivery around the world.

How much does shipping cost?

The shipping amount is determined at the time of checkout on the site.

How will my order be packed?

Orders sent through the postal service will be packed in a plastic bag or similar package with an address label attached outside.

How can I share my Dpbee post?

You can click the icons on your publication page to share a link to your publication on a variety of social networks. These links will allow your friends and customers to purchase copies for themselves directly through the Dpbee site, in both print and digital formats.

Can I share digital versions?

Downloaded digital versions are for personal use only. Your downloaded digital versions are just for you, and have been customized with your name. You may not redistribute, sell or upload the downloaded PDF to any other websites or share the PDFs via email.

Making profit
How do I make a profit?

Upload your Work to the dpbee platform and provide the desired margin profit. Tell your customers about the publication, and we, in turn, will provide printing and delivery services of the Work to your client. Make your profit by the 15th of the month following the estimated!

Getting help

If you do not find the answer to your question in any section, we will gladly answer it to you. To do this, use the "Contacts" section and write your question in the form of feedback.

Digital reading
How do I download or read an already purchased digital version?

On the Dpbee website, you can read online or download a PDF of the digital publications you previously purchased from your personal account.

Can I print or change the digital versions I bought?

Downloaded digital versions are for personal viewing on your device of choice.

How do I view the digital version on my computer?

If you are online, you can view digital publications in the Dpbee web viewer in most browsers. If you have downloaded a PDF version of a publication to your desktop, all you need is a standard PDF reader to view the PDF, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader.

How do I view the digital version on my iOS device?

On an iPad or iPhone running iOS 5.0 and higher you can also read publications in Safari using the Dpbee web viewer. Just click the Read Now button on any publication page or in your Digital Library, just as you would on a laptop or computer.

You can also view Dpbee digital versions in PDF format on any iOS.

How can I view the digital version on Android device?

On devices running Android 2.3 and higher you can read publications in your browser using the Dpbee web viewer. Just click the Read Now button on any publication page or in your Digital Library, just as you would on a laptop or computer.

You can also view Dpbee digital versions in PDF format on any Android device.

Distribution of printed publications
Can I get a sample?

Unfortunately we get too many requests to be able to offer free samples. We suggest you order one of the Dpbee, publications currently on the site, or create your own and order a copy.

What is the cost of the magazine?

The cost of the magazine is indicated in the product card and can change.